We founded Acer on the fundamental mission that we will develop innovative and accessible therapies for people impacted by serious rare and life-threatening diseases with significant unmet medical needs. In an era when the pharmaceutical industry is making huge strides in advancing therapeutic options for rare conditions, that may not sound unusual. But we believe our novel approach to repurposing orphan drugs can deliver significant value to patients, their families and caregivers, healthcare systems, and society.

We are inspired by the patients we serve and their resilience to adversity. They are the reason why we are here and why we take a novel approach to sourcing and developing potential therapies.

We recognize that drugs can offer tremendous benefits to patients and clinicians alike, but often leave both with an incomplete promise. That’s why we engage with patient and clinician communities in our targeted pipeline areas, listen to their needs, and incorporate their feedback early and throughout our drug program development. Collaborating with the patient and physician communities enables us to overcome challenges and design solutions together.

Our Jobs

Job Openings:
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Our Work

We are driven by a commitment to serving the unmet needs of the rare disease community. We have worked passionately to galvanize patient advocacy in the disease areas we serve and bring a voice to those in need. As a part of that commitment, we do our best to serve patients, their families and caregivers, and patient communities through education, empathy, and awareness.

We believe that taking care of our patients as well as our employees will translate into meaningful outcomes for all. The path chosen is not the easy road, and we may never fully know the extent to which our actions help patients, but we will continue through our leadership, risk-taking, personal commitment and ethos to better the lives of the underserved. We are guided by core principles that serve as the foundation for everything we do.

We will continuously work to create an inclusive workplace for talent. Our goal is to promote a culture where diversity of thought, backgrounds, gender and race is embraced by recognizing and rewarding personal and professional growth. We believe fostering such a work environment will attract the best talent and ultimately allow us to deliver on our promise to the patients we serve.

Acer Therapeutics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Healthy Lifestyles

As a part of the Acer team, you will have the opportunity to work where you’re most productive. We have offices in Newton, Massachusetts and Bend, Oregon. However, most of us work out of a home office, co-working space, in a rainforest, at the beach, on a train, in a plane, you name it, we’re there. We’re a talented, unconventional and collaborative team that knows no boundaries who are always looking to work smarter and support one another. In addition to ultimate work flexibility, we also provide world-class benefits to support the ongoing health and wellness of our employees and their families.

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Acer – Bend Office
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